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Georg Friedrich Händel - The Choice of Hercules  

Georg Friedrich Händel

The Choice of Hercules
Die Wahl des Herakles

Venceslava Hruba-Freiberger, Sopran
Arleen Augér, Sopran
Alain Zaepffel, Counter-Tenor
Eberhard Büchner, Tenor

Leipziger Universitätschor
Neues Bachisches Collegium Musicum

Leitung: Max Pommer

Capriccio (Delta Music)

Georg Friedrich Händel (1685–1759)

The Choice of Hercules
Die Wahl des Herakles

Musical Interlude
  1. Sinfonia
  2. Accompagnato (Lust)
    See, Hercules! how smiles yon myrtle plain
  3. Arie (Lust)
    Come, blooming boy, with me repair
  4. Arie (Lust)
    There the brisk sparkling nectar drain
  5. Solo (Lust) und Chor
    While for thy arms that Beauty glows/Seize, seize these blessings, blooming boy
    Rezitativ (Tugend)
    Away, mistaken wretch, away!
  6. Arie (Tugend)
    This manly youth’s exalted mind
    Rezitativ (Tugend)
    Rise, youth! exalt thyself and me
  7. Arie (Tugend)
    Go, assert thy heav’nly race
    Rezitativ (Tugend)
    In peace, in war, pursue thy country’s good
  8. Solo (Tugend) und Chor
    So shalt thou gain immortal praise/The golden trump of Fame
    Rezitativ (Lust)
    Hearst thou, what dangers then thou must engage?
  9. Solo (Lust) und Chor
    Turn thee, youth, to joy and love/Why, ah why this fond delay?
    Rezitativ (Lust, Herakles)
    Short is my way
  10. Arie (Herakles)
    Yet, can I hear that dulcet lay
  11. Arie (Begleiter der Lust)
    Enjoy the sweet Elysian grove
    Rezitativ (Herakles)
    Oh! whither, Reason, dost thou fly?
  12. Trio (Lust, Tugend, Herakles)
    Where shall I go?
  13. Accompagnato (Tugend)
    Mount, mount the steep ascent!
  14. Arie (Tugend)
    Mount, mount the steep ascent!
  15. Chor
    Arise, arise!
    Rezitativ (Herakles)
    The sounds breathe fire celestial
  16. Arie (Herakles)
    Lead, Goddess, lead the way
  17. Chor
    Virtue shall place thee in that blest abode

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